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Rates are for the rental of the entire home. Sometimes a reduced rate can apply at Villas or Casas that rent by bedrooms. For example, if you occupy only 1 or 2 bedrooms (2-4 persons) some may offer a special rate. Therefore, it is very important that you submit the correct number of guests in your party when you are inquiring about rates and making reservations. 

Damage and Telephone Guarantee Deposit
A security/damage guarantee cash deposit is required for all reservations.  Amounts vary depending on the property and are not included in the rates.  Security deposits are refundable less any damage or long distance calls charged to the property phone line during your dates of stay and can take up to 90 days after departing the property to be refunded.  Please inquire.

Minimum Stay
As a rule of thumb during Christmas and New Year’s season there is a 10-14 night stay required.

Vacation Seasons
Generally there are 2 different seasons, low and high.

Low season is from April 15 – December 14
High season is from December 15 – April 14

Rates are lowest during the low season period. During Holidays rates may increase beyond the high season rate. For the Christmas and New Years holiday period the rates are the highest.

Homes provide personalized staff including houseman, cook and chambermaid. These remarkable people will take care of you during your stay.

Staff Tipping
We recommend $15 to $20 per guest, per day. A suggested distribution of the entire tip might be:
Houseman – 40%
Cook – 40%
Chambermaid – 20%
Tips are typically placed in envelopes for each staff member.

Grocery Shopping
In Acapulco there are many large grocery stores including Wal-Mart, Comercial Mexicana, Sam's Club and Costco. You’ll find mini-marts everywhere in the main tourist zone. All homes offer the service of pre-stocking the home.

There are 2 options to purchase groceries. One option is to let the house staff purchase all the food on your behalf based on a menu that you prepare. The staff will present you with an estimate for the cost of food and transportation and return any change along with the receipt. The daily cost for food and beverages per adult per day runs about $20-35 USD per person depending on whether you are a light or heavy eater. The cost would be more if you add in alcoholic beverages - especially imported wines and champagnes. The second option is that you go to the market and grocery store either with the houseman or by yourself and purchase the food. We find that a trip to the market with the houseman is quite interesting. Making at least one trip to the market and grocery store will also give you a perspective on the cost of food in Acapulco.

Information provided is subject to change without notice and may vary depending on the home or its specialized agent.

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