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This page tells you all you need to know about booking your flights, required documentation to enter the country and other useful information.

Your destination is Acapulco, Mexico and the airport code is ACA. When researching prices, always press for the best possible deals with the reservation agent and you may find considerable savings. If you prefer to deal with a travel agent, contact Vacation Rental Solutions.



By Air:
You can reach Acapulco from just about anywhere. Numerous weekly flights connect Acapulco to principal world cities all year long. Direct and non-stop flights are available from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Newark and Phoenix.


Connections can be made through Mexico City from New York, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and every major American city. European travelers can also make connections through Mexico City. You will find more flights during the months of December to April. Some major air carriers that service Acapulco are:
Méxicana, Aero México, Continental, United, and America West. Several Canadian charters operate seasonal direct flights. Please consult your local travel agent.

Acapulco’s newly remodeled international airport is just 20 minutes from the main tourist areas. A large number of ground transportation services are available including taxis, buses and mini-vans. Inside the airport you will find spacious areas, shops and restaurants. There is also a money exchange within the airport.

By Car:
Driving time from Mexico City on the new scenic superhighway Autopista del Sol takes approximately 3 1/2 hours. The drive was significantly reduced with the creation of Acapulco's "maxitunnel" in 1996. It is the longest tunnel in Latin America stretching 2,950 meters long complete with up-to-date security equipment including a closed circuit TV that monitors all cars from entrance to exit. Utmost technology was applied during its construction and as a result the driving time was lessened by 25 minutes.

By Bus:
Travelling by bus takes 5 hours from Mexico City on the Autopista del Sol superhighway. It is a non-stop trip. You can travel comfortably in a modern air-conditioned bus at a reasonable price. A round-trip ticket is approximately $60.00 US. Check the on-board amenities when purchasing your ticket to assure that the bus is equipped with washroom facilities as well as refreshments. You are allowed to bring food and beverage with you. No alchohol permitted.

Necessary Identification and Documents to Travel:

US, Canadian and Japanese citizens must enter Mexico with proof of nationality by showing an original birth certificate plus official photo identification or a passport. US, Canadian and Japanese residents who are not citizens but reside in those countries must present their passports and should check before their trip with their nearest Mexican consulate if they will also need a visa. Travelers from other countries may need a visa. After proof of citizenship has been verified, you will receive a free Mexican Tourist Card, which you must keep with you at all times when in Mexico. This permit must be given to officials upon departure. If you lose your Mexican Tourist Card you can obtain a copy or permission to leave the country from the local Immigration Office.

Traveling with Minors:
In Mexico, like many other countries, any person under the age of 18 is considered a minor. Very strict regulations govern travel by minors into Mexico. For example, if traveling alone, the minor must have a notarized consent form signed by both parents. If traveling with only one parent, the minor must have a notarized letter of consent signed by the parent not traveling.

What should I pack?
The attire for Acapulco differs depending on where you go. During the day comfortable beachwear is ideal for this resort area. That includes shorts, sandals, hats, beach bags, suntan crème and all the necessities made for enjoying the tropics. Bring some bug repellent if you plan to explore our fabulous lagoons and nature spots. Sunscreen is also a must because of Mexico's bright sunshine and long days.

Many guests choose to be in swimwear most of the time so bring at least 2-3 swimsuits. A lightweight cotton sweater comes in handy on a cool night or for indoor air-conditioned dining. Lounging wear is great for a siesta in an air-conditioned bedroom. At night, anything from casual to dressy, again, depends on what you have planned. Formality is welcomed everywhere.

Prepared by Vacation Rental Solutions© Copyright 2002 by Vacation Rental Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.